About Us

Zimbabwe Wildlife Fund was formed following a visit to Zimbabwe in September 2009. This organisation is seeking incorporation and to establish a national database of members in Australia and New Zealand with a strong Board and Committee structure to enable fund raising and social events, membership drives, community and school support and corporate sponsorship. The board meets monthly in accordance with the Constitution.

Apart from supporting the work of The Friends of Hwange Trust (FOH) in ensuring the boreholes continue to supply water to the pans in the Hwange National Park, we also support schools adjacent to or within the Park and other conservation areas. We are collaborating very closely with the Painted Dog Organisation, who are based in Hwange, in supporting school projects.

We are seeking funding through various means to support specific programmes in Zimbabwe, such as The Friends of Hwange Trust (FOH), The Wattled Crane Project at Cannon Kopje and Mana Pools and the Tashinga Initiative both located in the Zambezi Valley. Close relationships continue to be formed with Zimbabweans residing in Zimbabwe through family or business connections.

We also support eco-tour businesses operating in Zimbabwe including Varden Horse Safaris, DART volunteer programs, Wild Zambezi and Goliath Safaris.

We understand that the general community has concerns about the direction and control of funding, and we as a Board make sure that full transparency and openness exists with all funds and other support. The control of funds is maintained by ensuring that people and organisations on the ground in Zimbabwe who are the recipients of funding are fully accountable, honest and ethical and they represent authentic organisations with valid objectives that meet our criteria.