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Photographs of Zimbabwe
Why Did Dave Create This CD?

Dave Dell a world renowned photographer and trustee of The Friends of Hwange Trust, is passionate about the Zimbabwean Wildlife. The "Friends of Hwange" was formed to ensure the future of Hwange National Park and to raise necessary funding. With the mounting pressures from increased poaching and poor water supplies after the severe drought in 2005, the beautiful Zimbabwean wildlife is being seriously depleted. Now the "global credit crunch" has meant that major donors are unable to afford the support as before.

Funds for the basic upkeep of the national parks have completely dried up. The water pumps are broken, diesel fuel has run out and other necessary equipment is in dire need of repair or replacement.

Rather than ask for donations, Dave decided that he would use his skills with the camera to capture some images of the awesome Zimbabwean wildlife and of the stunning scenery. He has put together a CD of over 700 photographs for sale, to raise much needed funds for the game.

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