Education and Community Projects

The Zimbabwe Wildlife Fund (ZWF) has a bold and ambitious “vision” to assist conservation and environmental projects and assist schools and school projects in Zimbabwe.

One of the Projects we support includes the Hwange National Park which is located in the western part of Zimbabwe two hours from Victoria Falls and is Zimbabwe’s largest and best-known national park. At 14,500 sq. km (half the size of Belgium) the area was declared a National Park in 1928 and is home to 108 species of mammal and over 400 bird species. The Park is most famous for its elephant herds which combined make up a population of around 30,000.

We are collaborating very closely with the Painted Dog Organisation, which is based in Hwange NP, in supporting school projects. The “sister school” relationships we hope to develop are important to enrich the schools in Zimbabwe with better equipment and materials and assist closer relationships between students in Australia and those in Zimbabwe.

The Painted Dog Organisation has a well developed education facility at Iganyana Bush Camp. This camp is surrounded by Sikumi National Forrest on the border of the world famous Hwange National Park. The centre was carefully built into a beautiful teak woodlands community with as little disturbance as possible, so it is totally immersed in the woods. The area is part of an intact African savanna ecosystem where elephant, giraffe, lion, leopard, cheetah, painted dog, buffalo and over a dozen species of antelope roam free.

The schools we support in/adjacent Hwange National Park include the following:

  • Chezhou
  • Dingani
  • Dopota
  • Fatime/ Sichongo
  • Gundwane
  • Gwaai
  • HIS
  • Lapote A
  • Lapote B
  • Mabale
  • Main Camp
  • Mambanje
  • Nabushome
  • Ndangababi A
  • Ndangababi B
  • Ngamo
  • Sianyanga
  • Sir Roy Welensky
  • Songwa
  • St Francis A
  • St Francis B

We consider it is critically important to support schools (and the school community including parents) and the work efforts of the Painted Dog Organisation so that indirectly we help to deter and change the attitudes to poaching and destruction of habitat by local communities.

We present our “vision” to local school communities in Perth along with supporting flyers and a specially developed CD. We encourage and welcome ALL parents and other school community members to attend our presentations to understand our concept and hopefully provide financial and non-financial support to schools in or adjacent to conservation areas in Zimbabwe