Tashinga Initiative

Tashinga Initiative



The integrity of the Protected Areas System in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley sustainably maintained.


1. The Project defines support to the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority’s current protection and management programme in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe through the following key targeted outputs:

1.1. Enhanced planning framework
1.2 Infrastructure refurbishment
1.3 Establishment of wildlife protection units
1.4 Environmental stewardship empowerment through training and skills transfer
1.5 Monitoring

2. To maintain conservation integrity and the continuity of community wildlife protection efforts.

Geographical Area:

The project extends through the Zambezi Valley area of Zimbabwe: a total area from West to East covering more than 24,000 square kilometers of wild land. Four discrete Protection Area Clusters have been identified, which encompass National Parks, Safari Areas, Forest Areas, namely:

Victoria Falls – upper Zambezi Valley
Chizarira – Middle Zambezi Valley
Matusadona – Middle Zambezi Valley
Mana Pools – Lower Zambezi Valley

Highly Endangered Species:
Black Rhino, Wild Dog

Key Personnel:

Lynne Taylor: Project Founder and Director: 15 years experience in field-based project implementation, project management, marketing, fundraising, liaison with relevant authorities.

Russell Taylor: Project Advisor: 36 years’ experience in the wildlife sector: Ecologist with PWMA (14 yrs.), WWF Southern Africa Regional Program Director (20yrs), Wildlife Consultant (present), African Elephant Specialist Group Member, CITES Panel of Experts.

Jangez Gangat: The Tashinga Initiative Foundation Director, ex Zimbabwean, now American: his area of expertise is as a businessman in the solar energy field.

Parks and Wildlife Management Authority personnel: in all areas where the project is implemented.

Inputs to the Project Area:
Project Inputs

Including all educational and sporting needs provided for 3 years for the Matusadona Primary School,, specifically for the children of Rangers of this Park.

A professionally prepared budget is exceptionally detailed for the entire project area, and based on years’ of experience and research.